Twin Flame Book Suggestion

The Barn Dance by James Twyman

Spoiler Alert: In order to provide you with my take on the book, I have to reveal a great deal of the content of this book. My suggestion would be to first read the book and then read my interpretation of why I think this is an amazing and striking twin flame story.

One day, in 2010, I received the first chapter of the soon to be published book in my email. That chapter was so intriguing that I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the book. As soon as the book was released, I ordered it and read it within two days. That book is ‘The Barn Dance’ written by James F. Twyman. It is a personal story of a period of his life when something other- worldly shook his life. The love of his life – his ex -wife was brutally murdered by two men who broke into her house on 27th November, 2005. The tag line of the book reads ‘Somewhere between heaven and earth, there is a place where the magic never ends’ – this line truly encompasses the essence of the book. This book has become my bible and I have read it four times already.

Nowhere in the book has Twyman written that it is a twin flame story. Of course I am not suggesting that labels should be given to every relationship. Twin Flame is a term given to better understand this esoteric relationship. What I am writing here is completely my interpretation of this unique book that has the power to transform our thinking in unimaginable ways. According to me this is most definitely a twin flame relationship as it encompasses immeasurable challenges, a definite purpose and unparalleled bliss. The divine hand is clearly visible in this touching personal story that makes us question existing paradigms.

Why do I think it is a twin flame relationship?

I have italicized in bold, the twin flame signs

The relationship between James and Linda Twyman starts romantically with both falling in love and getting married. This is the honeymoon period of their relationship which ends four years after their marriage. Deep questioning arising in James’ mind ends their marriage at its very early stage. The twin flames have given a nudge to each other’s issues which surface causing separation and unparalleled agony. James, like a true twin flame soul literally runs by driving away in his car and not returning. Soon after, James realizes that he has made a mistake and wants to get Linda back in his life. Of course, Linda being the mirror essence of James soul has her own issues to resolve and now she runs from this relationship by not being able to forgive him for what he did to her and their daughter. The runner and chaser paradigm spans over 15 years.

How easy is it to balance your energies? For some twin extremely difficult. Even though James was very clear that he wanted Linda back within three months of his running away, Linda could not get over the betrayal for fifteen whole years. Just as she was resolving her inner issues and thinking of getting back the unfathomable happened. She was killed…

The second chapter of the book is about her last moments and her murder. Practically the book begins from where Linda’s physical life ends. Many a time our physical body and our mind come in the way of our transcendence. In rare cases, the true essence and power of a twin flames relationship is realized by the runner twin after her/his physical form ends. That is what happened in James and Linda’s stirring love story which extended beyond physical life.

Their separation lasts for fifteen years while Linda is alive and three and a half years after she passes away. Altogether eighteen and a half years.

The reunion of the twin flames, even though minuscule compared to the separation, in terms of time, is the most important part of this story. Out of the 22 chapters in the book James has devoted 13 chapters to this reunion. It is mystical, funny as well as enlightening. It gives you a glimpse of the world most of us will never be able to see in the way James saw. The reunion, of course, is the climax, where all the experience meet their purpose. We are once again reminded that the greater the pain, the more pronounced and deep is the learning. The elation of meeting somebody you thought you would never meet can only be imagined in the most euphoric dreams. Sometimes a few days can give you more than a lifetime worth of experience. These three days spread over thirteen chapters are a case in point.

In the first chapter of the book, James tells us how he feels a magnetic pull to highway 140 which he had to cross on his way to Lakeview, a tiny Oregon town. He had driven through the same path with his daughter and his daughter’s friend sitting in the back seat, after the funeral of Linda three and a half years back. Lakeview was situated on a high altitude which had earned the city, the title of ‘Tallest town in Oregon’. The upcoming reunion draws him to this place but he learns some other profound and mystical possibilities on his way to this reunion.  On that fateful night his car had nearly skidded off the cliff on this highway but he got control of the car in the nick of time to save them from disaster. After the incident, he felt drawn back to this spot for those three and a half years and finally when it became impossible for him to shake off the feeling, he came back here. Obviously, there was a lot waiting for him here. One was the parallel reality of having actually skidded there and having gone down the cliff. We exist in many dimensions and this was experienced firsthand by James when he veritably saw his car at the bottom of the cliff where they had skidded. He was led to this deep learning because of the twin flame essence he encompassed.

Secondly, the reason this place had a strange pull for him is because the energies of this place are such that the dividing line between the two worlds, the world of living people and the world of those who have passed over is very thin and it is easy for both to get a glimpse of the other side. There is a barn where the souls gather to relive a version of their earthly lives. This is where James meets the love of his life, Linda, once again. The runner and the chaser finally rise above the 3D paradigm of the earth plane to meet in the 5D reality. The meeting is what it is supposed to be – truly magical and unearthly! Their divine reunion was orchestrated by the higher power. Linda and James met in a way no other twin flames have reunited.

Another reason why I think this is a twin flame story is because it is the burning light of this connection that makes James contribute to the world through his songs and by becoming a “Peace Troubadour” holding meditations at war torn areas. The ignited twin flame essence spreads to light the world with peace and love. James is a musician, best-selling author, filmmaker and founder of The Beloved Community. Through many posts on the internet I realize that Linda was a well loved and respected person. She was helpful, loving and kind without being overbearing and loud.

Each twin flame story is unique and this is so well reflected in Linda and James’ story.

Book Quotes

“She was the one who had locked the door and never even considered a reunion, but he remained steadfast. Linda found the whole thing disarming, and the iceberg was finally beginning to melt.”


“The single picture of Linda that was stored on the phone flashed full screen and froze. No matter what I did after that, no matter what button I pushed, it would not leave but remained there as if unaffected by normal laws.”


“It was as if I’d left a piece of myself behind on that terrible night, and I sensed I’d never fully recover from Linda’s death if didn’t return and reclaim it.”


“The system was originally designed to keep this world here and the other one wherever it belongs, but I guess the real lesson is that in the end they all coincide.”


“They all collide in the place I just happened to have nearly died. I feel like I just won the lottery.”


“That means there are aspects of you that live one adventure and other aspects that do something completely different. That is because we live in a universe that is dynamic and unlimited.”


“So you think that the lesson has to do with forgiving the men who killed me, is that correct?”


“There is a land of mystery, a whole world of activity that we are not aware of in our everyday lives that influences every decision we make.”


“How many times do I have to pay?” I asked myself.”


P.S: This is completely my own interpretation of the book as a reader. This may or may not tally with the author’s intention.

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